Weekend in Ehden – Roadtrips and mini hike.

Hello everybody!!

I hope you are having a fantastic week ahead! I have finally edited my vlog on my weekend in Ehden (which was the weekend before my very first event.  You can also click on the link here: https://youtu.be/udzeexDqH4U (it is uploading as I am writing this and I am super excited and missing so much editing, vlogging, blogging and writing in this creative pace).

I can’t wait to get back at this and do it more often. Who knows maybe one day, this is what I would do?

Our ride that weekend was quite special. We were sleeping over in Ehden and had a few stops. We picked up our morning coffee from one of our stops in Dunkin (i think we stopped at the Adma one) on our way to Jbeil. There, I had a small wait so I enjoyed a walk in the parc municipal, with my book and my coffee. Since we hadn’t had breakfast yet, a mankouche was a most and off we went.

We also wanted to take flowers with us and oh surprise that traffic in Amioun had us return and we stopped in a flower shop in Kfar Hazir, where the owner who did our lovely arrangement served us some coffee and we ended up chatting with her for much more than the time she had to make our little gift 🙂 Lebanese hospitality, you have it.

As we drove through the villages, we finally reached Ehden, it was quite a hot few days but still ever so beautiful. Got lucky to see the lavenders in full bloom which I always thought was magical 🙂 The second day, we treated ourselves with a morning mini-hike (before breakfast) which was quite a whiff of fresh air (for real and also for our bodies and mind – I miss this activity and should do that more).

After that we went for more road trips in the area and ended our weekend with a walk in the reserve Horch Ehden. I totally recommend you book yourself a weekend and in case you can’t, you can go up there and enjoy the day.

Here are some photos of my little escape. Beautiful colours, nature, energy everywhere.  You can also check out the vlog for more inspiration and for fun as well.

I would love to know how you like to spend your days off or weekends! Write me soon and would love to be in touch. Have a great rest of day (or night depending on what time you are reading this :))






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