An escape to Deir El Qamar

Hello guys!

Yes it has been a while I am away… Unfortunately, it has been hectic in the career part but felt like I needed a break. Although a lot of things are evolving, both within my thought process, myself, my work and my life, I pray that it would be only heading in the positive direction.

Today wished me a Happy Birthday in this current platform! I have also purchased a domain to which I hope I can move this present blog to – I still haven’t figured out how to do it yet but will be seeking some friendly help and support 🙂

But enough about my updates. I took a two weeks vacation and happened to jump over to Deir El Qamar for a well deserved escapade. I stayed in Deir El Oumara which I totally recommend and spent the few days there exploring and re-exploring the city and its surrounding villages, cities, natural wonders and landmarks.

Here are a few links and places to start with for sightseeing from Deir el Qamar, Beiteddine, Baakline and more:
– Shouf Biosphere – Al Shouf Cedar Natural Reserve:
– Kfarheem Grotto – discovered in 1974 and is over 4 million years old.
– Baakline waterfalls.
– Beiteddine and its wonderful palaces, Marie Baz wax museum, the Midene – Dany Chamoun Square. Deir El Qamar also has palaces to muse on, the history, culture, religious landmarks of these villages to name but a few points, along with the restaurants, people’s hospitality and beautiful mood all over. It has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999.

Stay in:
– Deir el Oumara:
– Bouyouti:

Try to go to the kiosk and restaurants that are in the areas where locals are. You can find some yummy surprises there. Had dinner at the Kiosk where its host was quite welcoming and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with locals playing backgrammon with arguileh and in the middle a “sobia” that heated the place.

Also, make sure to check out the Beiteddine Art Festival for this year’s top events! It was launched today 🙂 here are the main concerts and performances happening:


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