My roadtrip to Zaarour!!

This is a relatively late blog as the vlog came out a while ago! I went up to Zaarour and enjoyed a little escape. But I thought it would still be nice to share to you my little escapade there along with some photos.

I woke up this morning, feeling full of energy and I didn’t want to miss out the day because I was worried that it will be snow and storm as the weather predictions were saying.

But it seemed that the storm will be fashionably late – YAY for me! So I took this opportunity and made myself a fresh juice and a Nescafe, grabbed some chocolate, jumped in my car and off I was to Zaarour to see the snow.


I have been nagging and saying to everyone that I had to see the snow. I miss the snow, bla bla bla! Just like I keep saying I miss the sea and I want to see the sea. If anybody who knows me reading this, they will definitely relate 😀 They know how much I love the sea. But I also missed the snow terribly as I used to ski since I was 5 years old and due to some injuries (my knee) and feet operation, I can’t ski until further notice.

Hoping that in 2017 I will get fit again and try to get back at skiing. Crossing fingers. But I just had to see the snow that day so ski or no ski I was going!! And off we go, woohoo!!

Needless to say, that I was as a kid 🙂 Jumping up and down in the car when I saw the snow. Litterally, all over! SO gorgeous, so white! So prettyyyyy! I don’t regret this mini solo roadtrip at all. I removed my glasses to enjoy the colours of the surroundings.

Talej, talej, talej.*

Thanks to my trusty google map I was able to enjoy the drive while getting my directions.

As I arrived to Zaarour, I went to Zaarour Club. I was just so happy with the organization. I admit I was lucky that the weather forecast was foreseeing a storm – very few people were up there (and they were right because the storm made its appearance a mere 2 hours after I arrived). So here we go, my little tour.

I started by being greeted with really nice parking attendants and staff, went to Le Grand Chalet, a luxury boutique hotel with 5 luxury rooms, 6 junior suites, 3 family suites and 2 roof suites (coolness!). It has a lounge area with a modern fireplace, which I guess is where I chillaxed.

As I sat cozily on the couch and relaxed in the lobby, I sipped a delicious hot chocolate with the lovely view of the snowy slope in front of me! And, to make things more wintery, the Christmas tree was there. Ah, le reve de quelques heures de repos dans le calme et la neige!

After that, I wanted to see the snow, more up close. I drove to La Cabane du Chef which is a French restaurant then off to the slopes. There, I enjoyed the view and was quite happy to see a modern ski resort – which brought some comfort even though I couldn’t ski. Then it got chillier than it already was. The storm was heading full speedio so I had to go back to Beirut (also be back for the family Sunday lunch).

Zaarour Club, I was quite happy to visit even if it was a short trip and surely would like to visit again, either to Le Grand Chalet for a stay or hopefully when I get fitter to come and ski! To all who are skiing and snowboarding I wish you a happy winter season full of snow in all the Lebanese mountains and slopes. Check out here when you have some free time my vlog about it 🙂 It’s basically the roadtrip and a little tour here and there at Zaarour Club.

If you ever visit, I truly hope you enjoy it! Write me your thoughts and let me know what you experienced or if you would be interested in checking it out.

Happy weekend to all!!





* snow, snow, snow.


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