How can we engage with each other in the work place?

Be it managerial or peer to peer and other employees, there are some things one can think of and approach regarding the work place. Especially if you have a few issues to overcome with some of your peers or employees.

How to all be aligned, be engaged and move forward to make things happen is crucial and there is no magical sauce to it but a clear mindset and an agenda ready to work with, meet with the people, work around it and keep the big picture or what might come out of it in mind towards the set goals.

Here are a few points that can help you:

  • What metrics have been set?
  • What would be the best outcome for you. An important note is that by breaking a goal, task, target, ANYTHING – into small step by steps and to dos is key to simplify, sharpen your vision and focus on the little steps, what needs to be done and later the big outcome will show up.
  • Where do you want to start? (The next steps will show up later on). What has been happening that you want to work on?
  • Write your thoughts down and think: “What else?”… See what might come up, if things are blurry.
    digital composite of hands using notebook with graphics
  • What is the clarity of these metrics? How were they shared with the employees or peers? Sometimes, metrics are not shared – so how do you expect things to get done if your peeps have no clue about it?
  • Separately, what is their clarity on their challenges and what do they need to do? It is important to note that when you get clear, you know where you are going, you will be able to get to the bottom line earlier.
  • What was their feedback on the metrics (both employees and management)? Surprising things, ideas might come out.
  • What is the logic system proposed?
  • What are the methods that management can work with the employees to engage with them?
  • How were they approached? Assess the communication (if it was done properly or not).
    Concept of teamwork: Close-Up of hands business team showing un
  • Where is the gap? How can it be closed?
  • How to understand the management style (of each), see if that opens anything up?
  • Understand the mind, the goal, either/or or both… It can be a strategy and goal setting issue and not just an engaging issue. Something to think about… Check if the presenting problem is actually the real problem.
  • What can be done? What is the direction you would think is now the time to opt for?
  • On another hand, what does it look like when all is going well?
  • What becomes possible when all is aligned towards a same target? What are you willing to give (and do more) and what are you willing to do less to make it happen?
  • What if you try a role-play? How would it look?
  • Set up expectations.

Get moving 🙂


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