Quite Musical Weekend | White Paper Packages

Back in March, I had a quite musical weekend, in which I had the chance to enjoy different types of musical styles: Occidental Classical Orchestra with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra (Friday), Bar Farouk in Metro Al Madina singing Lebanese, Levant and Middle Eastern classics in Arabic (ranging from the 1930s I think till 1975) and the grande finale on Sunday the Armenian Youth Orchestra playing classic cartoons pieces at Al Bustan Festival.
It’s spring now and the music festivals are starting to peak their programs. It’s looking wonderful! A cultural beautiful summer it will be 🙂

Check it out by clicking above on ‘musical weekend’ or clicking here: https://youtu.be/9mpxac9RArE.

Have a great weekend all, hope this inspires you to explore your whereabouts. If you would like me to cover a specific event, don’t hesitate to email me at whitepaperpackages@gmail.com

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